Most of the kids born in the late 90’s would first think of Michael Schumacher when they hear the word ‘F1’. Advanced motor technologies and an incredible skill set of driving had won him many championship titles so far. In the early days, when the racing machines were simple compared to the recent ones, racers had to give their best shot. This documentary is about one of those racers, probably the fastest driver, the racing circuits have ever seen.

Senna is a documentary about the Brazilian Formula One champion, Ayrton Senna. Having a runtime of  2 hrs & 42 mins, it briefs Senna’s career until his death at the age of 34 on that rainy track. It is a mix of few interviews and archived footage from Senna’s life in and out of the racing track. The documentary also shows his relationship with his teammate and rivalry Alain Prost, who had won four F1 championship titles.

In 1968, this world didn’t know that Brazil had given birth to a racing legend for which the nation will be so proud in the near future. At his age of 18, Senna entered Europe to start his career. Most of the young drivers start by joining a small team and become lost in the field due to the limitations of a small team. Few drivers can push it beyond the limits, beyond the design capabilities of a car. Senna is one.

He joined the Toleman, which was not well known either for their cars or their drivers. In 1984, on a rainy day at Monaco Grand Prix, he stunned the whole world when he finished in the second position. In the second year of his career, he joined Lotus-Renault and won the Portuguese Grand Prix. In 1988, he joined McLaren, which was a turning point in his racing life.

He went on to win three championship titles in 1988, 1990 & 1991. After ending his contract with McLaren, he joined Williams. On 1st May 1994, when he was leading the San Marino Grand Prix leaving behind Schumacher in the second position, his car crashed and caused a fatal injury in his head. It cost his life. The whole Brazil cried. The whole world mourned. Watching this, one can understand how politics and money plays an ugly role in the world of racing.

I can’t explain the beauty of a red and white car with a man in a yellow helmet. Watching the documentary was an out of body experience for me. The best moment is when won the Brazilian Grand Prix on his home ground. From start to finish he was in the first position. Cheers from 300,000 fans would diminish the sound of an engine, even for a driver.

SennaA great documentary about a true racing genius you would have ever witnessed.

Watch the trailer here.


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