Its been 2 years since the last time i saw this film. After my recent interest towards a widely known civilization, this weekend i watched this movie again. And the reason i am being here is the same.

Mel Gibson’s Apocalyto is a brave attempt in many ways. The story starts when a wild pig is hunted down by a group of tribals. Right from the beginning, there is something different you can see, which are totally never brought out before. The group takes the meal to their colony which is headed by a senior hunter and his son. Jaguar Paw (the son) has a pregnant wife and a son, probably 3-4 years old. Having enough food and shelter, the group lives a happy life.

Fun remains only for a while. On a day of tranquility, violence and tension takes over when another well armed tribal group attacks the colony. Men and women are killed. Some are captured alive. Huts are ravaged. Jaguar Paw hides his wife and son under a deep hole near by. In an attempt to save his father and others, Paw gets caught. His father gets killed right in front of him. The captives are dragged and moved.

Reason for their attack ? . No one knows until the story reveals it later. With his wife and son hiding there, Paw tries to escape. Brutality stands in the way. Finally, the captives and the army of armed group arrive in a place where slaves are tortured to work in the construction of stone made buildings.

Culture seems to be little advanced. Men and women are traded for money. Its  totally a  different scene out there. The captured men are taken to top of a tomb. Yes. “The MAYAN kingdom”.  At its decline, they believe that Sacrifice is the remedy. They sacrifice the lives of captives to regain their power. The rest of the story is all about Jaguar Paw and his escape into the forest to get his family back.

The inspiration is said to be from Popol vuh (Maya Bible) and Spanish missionary descriptions of the Maya. Mayan language has been used throughout the film.

Apocalypto –  Raw.Violent. Absolute Apocalypse.

Watch the trailer here.

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