Back to a documentary again. The spirit of baraka is making a prolonged touch with me for the past two months. And it demands a mention in my site here. The most disturbing film i have ever seen, which also had inspired me to take a step on my way to photography. Thanks to Ron. With all due respect, here i present my views on a non-verbal documentary, which happens to be the “Baraka

Directed and captured by Ron Fricke, this is a movie with no specific plot or script. The theme is undefined and it does not take much time for one to bring out his own theme out of this film. That is how i saw it. No dialogues, no narration, nothing. It is a collection of very cool cinematography.

What is a Baraka ? It means “blessing” in Hebrew and other Arabic related languages. I am more of a person who finds spirituality in people rather than idols. And this one took it to a new higher level. Whenever we honor something, we used to pay more attention to it and will do it with more amount of concentration. Vice-verse, when you start to see this movie, it will draw your attention slowly and the honor comes by itself.

Watching a movie, for the first time, I felt enlightened. Its a 90 minute meditation i can say. It also allows you to compare the lives of different peoples, Rich-poor, Have-Have nots, whatever you call it. Fear of death, sins we did, life after death, empathy for fellow people, many more things will come and go like a wind when you watch it. Along with social awareness, it also contains an environmental theme.

The very first scene shows a unique view of high and cold mountains and a Japanese monkey bathing in a pond. The visual continues to a temple in Nepal, Cambodia and many more parts of the world. Filmed at more than 150 locations around the earth, this film also contains a time lapsing video session.

Time lapsing videos are those that are captured and fast forwarded and shown to give the viewers a quick view of the things happening. Technically, the frequencies at which the video was captured will be much lower than the frequency with which it is played. This is a very cool photography technique which is opposite to high-speed photography. It is one of the very last films captured in the expensive TODD-AO 70mm format.

The background score was simply stunning and spiritual. Primarily composed by Michael Sterns along with contributions from few other musicians, music makes a very close journey with the visuals. Ron is working a sequel to baraka, which will be released this year as Samsara. And I just could not wait for it.

Baraka –  It disturbs your inner spirit .  

Watch the trailer here.

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