At the end of another crappy monotonous day, I thought I should a watch a movie to relax myself before i go to bed. And what I picked was a honor to horror !!!  Les Diaboliques, one of my friend’s suggestion was indeed a cool horror movie.

It is a french movie directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot  with  Simone Signoret (Nicole Horner), Véra Clouzot (Christina Delassalle) and Paul Meurisse (Michel Delassalle) in the lead roles. First thing to notice, the title starts with a scary soundtrack. I mean really scary !! . . . Somewhere in France, a ruthless man (Michel) runs a school. He is the Headmaster. Christina, his wife is a weak woman by heart who works as the headmistress and she owns the school. Nicole also works as a teacher.

Michel has no love for his wife or anyone else. Poor Christina had no courage to leave him. She thinks of divorce as a sin. Whenever she is assaulted by her husband, Nicole is the only one she goes after. Both of them decides to leave the city for a while making use of the school’s holiday period.

And before they are back, something happens and it turns the table upside down. Thrill starts here. Michel is dead. Now I will leave the rest of the story to you !! No more i can reveal. But i can guarantee the suspense. A classic thriller with less amount of blood shed. This is what a thriller movie should look like.

This movie turned out to be the real inspiration behind Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Robert Bloch, the author of the novel ‘Psycho’, has stated Les Diaboliques as his all-time favorite horror movie. The remake of the french version was released in 1996 as Diabolique starring Sharon Stone and Isabelle Adjani. But it did not turn out well. In 1955, the father version received the Best Foreign Language Film Award in NYFCC Awards.

Les Diaboliques  –  A perfect Epitome for a horror.

Watch the trailer here.

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