Today’s post is a special one for me. I am highly honored to write the first review for a film from my mother language. I  can still remember few of those scenes from this movie that i watched almost 12 years back. I was a kid, and all i can understand was nothing. Yesterday, after going totally insane listening to the song Poongaatru Puthiraanathu for a whole day, I wanted to see this movie right back when i reach home. And here i am, after watching it.

Director Balu Mahendra known for his artistic films, gave one of the best movies of South Indian Cinema. Moondram Pirai, a Tamil movie starring Kamal Haasan and Sridevi has the best love story i have ever heard so far. Bagyalakshmi (Sridevi) after a freaky accident , loses her memory temporarily. All she has is the memory until her age of seven years. Unable to recognize her own parents, she gets admitted in a nursing home.

In parallel, a school teacher from ooty, Srinivas (Kamal Haasan) visits his childhood friend. The game starts when Srinivas finds Lakshmi trapped in a brothel house. He decides to help and save her from the evil society she lives in. The director stands apart with the way how he has shown a true love. Great direction and depiction of  love and affection  between a lonely youngster and a mentally unstable girl . Master class acting performances by Kamal Haasan and Sridevi.

Written and directed by Balu Mahendra, this movie earned him the National Award for Best Cinematography. After MGR, Kamal had the privilege to get National Award for Best Actor. After Moondram Pirai, Kamal went on to win two more in his acting career.

Songs are out of the world. Ilayaraja is the GOD . The movie had the honor to have the last song written by Kavignar Kannadasan before his death in 1981. Other lyricists were Vairamuthu and Gangai Amaran. K. J. Yesudas had given two of his best songs along with S. P. BalasubramaniamS. Janaki .

Moondram Pirai –  Moon struck .  

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