Really a long time since the last post that i made.  Today i felt much like reading , but something struck my mind to come back here and talk some movie stuff. Not fortunate enough to see much of good films in this break, yet i have a great movie to put it down here.

is a 1963 italian auto-biographical directed by Fellini. The star-cast includes Marcello Mastroianni as Guido Anselmi, Claudia CardinaleAnouk Aimée, and many more beautiful women.

Way back i happened to see this movie and it really made me think that Fellini is a true master of classic cinema. The way how he could have ever imagined to make a movie of this kind is still a question mark. To take you to the point, let me just brief you the plot.

After the success of his earlier movies, director Guido suffers from writer’s block, which is the loss of ability to produce a new work. The whole world assumes that Guido is working on a sci-fi thriller. In fact, he never wrote a script. Having lost all his passion for new script, Guido just could not think of a better story-line.

The depressed director thinks of all the women in his world, right from his mother to his latest affair. In turn, he makes this movie of his own life. The movie is nothing but 81/2.

What ? Confused ?  Yes it is. It is a cyclic thing. The movie by itself is the making of the movie. One has to see the movie as am not a good story teller 🙂 .. Indeed the actual film’s working title was “La Bella Confusione”, i.e. “The Beautiful Confusion”.

The title 8½ refers to the number of movies Federico Fellini had directed up until that point – six features, two short (1/2) films and “half a picture” (“Luci del Varieta'” his first, co-directed with Alberto Lattuada), for a total of 7 1/2. So this one is number 8 1/2.

Fellini once wanted Laurence Olivier to play the role of Guido. But Mastroianni did a real justice to it. Great piece of acting as a film director. During the shoot, Fellini attached a note to himself below the camera’s eyepiece which read, “Remember, this is a comedy.”

Music by Nino Rota made this almost a musical film. Other notable works by Nino Rota include The Godfather Part I & II. Italian music looks so great to me after listening to his compositions. This movie is also the basis for the Broadway Musical “Nine”. 8½ was also the inspiration for the movie Nine (2009)

Few Soundtracks :

Concertino alle terme

Nostalgic Swing

E poi (Walzer) 
8½ –  “Don’t try to understand the people in your life. Just love them”

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