Another day. Another Movie. It’s no wonder how i can catch some great film, soon after sharing my thoughts about another great film here. Its weekend and i managed to see three movies at my home. However, now am gonna present you only one among them. And it is the best among them.

My goodness ! I found my copy of this movie after a long time of search. After watching it, i regretted for missing it these days. Der Untergang a.k.a Downfall (2004) is a german film shot in Germany, Italy and Austria by a german director Oliver Hirschbiegel.

This movie is based on the book Until the Final Hour, written by Traudl Junge ( Hitler’s last Personal Secretary) on the memoirs of last days of Hitler. By the way, this movie also contains a part of the speech by Traudl Junge (from Blind Spot : Hitler’s Secretary).

Most of us would have seen so many number of films based on the World War II. Most of them would be involving the Nazi activities and the war around those profound circumstances. Out of those films, almost every single movie stepped out of the Wolf’s Liar.

Very few movies had shown us the life of Adolf Hitler. And most of them showcased the brutal massacres of Jewish men and women. But this one is different. Think what what you would have done if you were on Hitler’s side. What you would have done if you were a close person to the Fuhrer? What you would have done if you had more respect and care for him?

Der Untergang encounters the final days of Hitler. In April 1945, Russians and other allies surrounded Germany. Berlin, where Hitler is surrounded by the enemies almost needs a complete surrender to save the lives of it’s people. Hitler, suffering with PD still hopes for a final strike that would blow out the Russian army. His Generals who are well aware of the real situation ignore Fuhrer’s orders.

With so much of confidence at first minute and suicidal thoughts in the second minute, Hitler is totally unstable. This is certainly the most beautiful movie so far shot on the death of Hitler. Bruno Ganz, who has acted as Adolf Hitler deserves a lot for his stunning performance.

The movie follows the death of Adolf Hitler to Germany’s surrender to Soviet Unions. Most of the Generals committed suicide to avoid the shame of surrender. Few men were captured and imprisoned. However, Traudl Junge managed to escape and tell us a tale after these years. She died in the year 2002. This epic war movie stands out and it is a must watch for historical movie lovers.

Der Untergang –  “Witness the end. Every man has his death!!”

Catch the trailer here.

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