Back with a great movie for cult classic lovers. One thing that comes to my mind when i start to write this post is the person who turned my interest towards a different genre of movies. The KUBRICK genre !!

With only a handful of movies he made for us, still Stanley Kubrick remains one of the best film-makers of all time. This man’s imagination has no limits. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is the best example. The more you see his movies, the more it becomes terrific. My whole day won’t be enough if i need to talk about him here. To move on, today am gonna share my thoughts on his penultimate classic Full Metal Jacket (1987) .

As you can see from the above poster, this is a war zone film (Vietnam war times). But one can expect more than guns and bloodshed. The first half of the movie shows one of the most badass marine training centre called Parris Island. This is where US Marines are trained to become brutal and all they are taught is to kill. Sergeant Hartman (played by R. Lee Ermey) trains a fresh batch to become professional marines.

Two men from this batch need some great attention here. The survivor (Pvt. Joker) played by Matthew Modine, is a tall and thin future soldier who is ready to push himself  to any extent. The loser (Pvt. Pyle) played by Vincent D’Onofrio is a fat and sloth personality whose tries to impress the trainer always end in a failure. Frustrated by his failures followed by Hartman’s insults, Pyle commits suicide after killing Hartman. This marks the end of the first half. I must agree that Vincent DÓnofrio’s performance is the best in the movie.

Moving to the second half, the show shifts to the battlefield. The survivor (Pvt. Joker) is on the fields fighting against the vietnamese. The rest of the movie from here on confines to single day, where a batch of US marines including Pvt.Joker are engaged to kill a frightening sniper. The movie is so much appealing that it gets you on the edge of your seat.

BTW, “Full metal Jacket” refers to the standard infantry round leading up to the Vietnam War. It was used in the M-14 infantry rifle that was designed during WWII and manufactured up until the Vietnam war era. Although the M-14 was used in the Vietnam War the M-16 had replaced it as the standard rifle. The M-16 uses a 5.56mm round. Courtesy : IMDB.

Full Metal Jacket –  “It stands out !!”

Catch the trailer here.

2 thoughts on “Full Metal Jacket (1987)

  1. I Remember this movie to become a soldier is not easy in this film ,
    as today many junior cadet suffering in hazing before they become one of them
    nice post 🙂

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