Hi, this is Mohan. Am a movie maniac. Watching movies and savoring them has been the greatest interest of my life.

This is my first post and when the thought of the movie that I should discuss first came to mind, I could not but give first preference to this wonderfully crafted, masterpiece of a movie. This is my all time favorite movie. Hands down!!

Kattradhu tamizh is directed by Ram. This is his debut feature (can u believe it !!). It stars Jiiva, Anjali, and Karunas in major roles. I happened to watch this movie in theaters when I was in my 12th grade. Almost six years down the lane, having watched scores of other movies, I have not found one to match the complexity, the beauty, the lucidity in storytelling, the music, the variety of issues handled as Kattradhu tamizh.

I am not going to explain the plot as I am much more eager to tell you about its intricacies.

Let me take direction first. Ram has pursued his M.A in Tamil literature in Madras Christian College. He worked as an assistant to Rajkumar Santhoshi and Balu Mahendra before going on his own to make this gem. He has scored with everything in this movie. The nonlinear style of narration is difficult for a simple story to let alone a movie describing the life history of the protagonist. The director has handled this style beautifully. The dialogues in the movie are so natural and do not seem made up. The director shows his intense distraught against the society and the way the world works (especially in India). He shells every bit of his frustration in this movie and that is why it is SOUL STIRRING because it is FROM THE HEART. According to me, this movie is the most original and the most novel Tamil movie in several years. Ram is sure to take Tamil cinema to a whole new level.

Now the acting. The role of a lifetime comes not too often for actors and this is one such role for Jiiva. He has lived the role of Prabhakar. The role is very intense and the slightest bit of over acting could have ruined it entirely. He must have gotten much more recognition for this role as this is one of the best ever showcasing of acting. Anjali who made her debut in Tamil with this film also proves her mettle and has gone from strength to strength from here.She was awarded the Filmfare Award for the Best  Debutante for her role. Karunas fits into his role perfectly as the petrified newsperson.

The cinematography makes the film even more poetical especially the sequences in Maharashtra are so beautifully picturized .S.R.Kathir does a brilliant job.

The music. It just reflects the mood of the film so effectively. Each and every song strikes a chord with the audience and stirs up the exact emotion that the director tries to convey. In a single sentence Yuvan, like Jiiva has understood the character of Prabhakar so well and that has enabled him to give his best score till date. The BGM also blends beautifully with the film. And special mention to that great man Ilayaraja who had me floored with his voice in Paravaye engu irukirai. My god. He is the GOD.

There is a torrent of parallel meanings in this film. The film shows the life of one person where nothing has gone right. However optimistic he tries to be, the situation he faces, the society he lives in, slaps him on the face and bring him back to reality. At one point in the movie the protagonist tells that for his whole life, death has been chasing him. But at last, it is he with his loved one who chases death to attain peace. I think the director says that death can be a curse when things are going on well. But it can be the greatest gift that God has given to Mankind when things are bad. Mortality is the best example for blessing in disguise. And what can be more satisfying than dying hand in hand with the love of your life? The ending of Kattradhu Tamizh is truly poetic.

Verdict: The movie has everything and everything it has is of utmost beauty.

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6 thoughts on “ராமின் கற்றது தமிழ்

    1. It is the director’s frustration that the other professionals who do a more noble job than IT guys are not treated equally salary wise and respect wise.I don’t see anything jealous in this.

      1. That should not be the case am afraid.It is not like that anywhere else in the world. Leave alone the salary but dignity for those professionals and the kind of response they get from the society is what is disheartening . .and that is the source of the director’s frustration.

  1. Wonderful understanding of the Film…
    Your comments are impressive.. Will make others to watch the movie again …

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