I don’t remember the last time when i saw a movie worth the ticket price. After hearing so many differing reviews, i watched the movie two days after its release. I just went there without any expectations. All i could say now is “This is what i was waiting for”.

Written and directed by Selvaraghavan, Mayakkam Enna is definitely not a movie for immature audience. A movie with zero vulgarism. You need to be of certain age to understand this beautifully crafted movie by Selvaraghavan. I cannot say it is flawless. But flaws have become add-ons to it’s beauty. This movie will make you laugh like hell at first half, make you sob silently in the middle and smile at the end with big sigh of relief.

The movie revolves around the life of  a freelance photographer, Karthik (Dhanush) who is struggling to get a break through in his life and career. This review may be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen this movie yet. Still, i will try to say what it is all about without pitching into the complete story.

After their parents demise, Karthik and his sister are taken care of, by their friends. One day, one of his friend Sundar brings a new girl to their group and introduces her as his date. Yamini (Richa Gangopadhyay), the girl brought by Sundar doesn’t seem to find him as a great person to spend her life with. Instead, she falls in love with Karthik.

After several struggles in making a lead, Karthik becomes desperate. His inspiration and role model, who is a well established wild life photographer denies Karthik’s request to accept him as an assistant. At the end of first half, both the lead roles fall in love for each other.

Karthik happily gets married to Yamini. Now this movie starts to deliver. The deep consciousness of a human mind is tested and reality is uncovered. This is a movie which is going to get buried in my mind for days to come. Karthik becomes a failure in his career. After a shocking incident, followed by surreal accident Karthik looses his mental stability and suffers from something which makes him a total loser. His wife, beyond all his frustrations towards her, supports her husband like an iron lady. Then this movie leads to the success path of Karthik and his profession.

The female lead’s characterization has been carefully worked out by Selvaraghavan. I think he is one of the very few directors in Tamil industry who can handle and play with intimate human emotions very easily and beautifully. If you are guy, am pretty sure that this movie will make you look at women in a totally different way. In short, after watching this you will have more respect for the woman who is so close to your heart. Be it your Mom, girl friend or your wife. You will treat them in a different way.

For :

It really takes something to make some good music for this kind of film. And G.V.Prakash has done some sensible music. Really sensible. Ramji who worked in RaamParuthiveeran and Aayirathil Oruvan has scored himself a ton with his cool cinematography.

Against :

The goodness in this movie makes us to forget the flaws. After all, what we take from a movie is not the bad animation or unsuitably written songs at unsuitable places. All that will run in your mind is the love of your life and her true love for you, in whatever condition you are. Love your wife !

Mayakkam Enna : ” Follow your Heart. It delivers, … A Lot.”

Catch the trailer here.

3 thoughts on “மயக்கம் என்ன

  1. Mayakkam enna is a very mature movie . . .Not selva’s best but yet bears his stamp prominently . . Kudos to him for making a movie which tells “intha vaazhkaila namaluku pidichathu seiyalena athuku pesama sethuralam” . . .Follow your heart . .what in the world could more truer than that?

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