The bitter sweet nature of modern romance:

Love is like a dope. Once you are bitten by the love bug, you become addicted. All your thoughts seem to be involuntarily associated with love.

Love is like a dream.When you are truly in love, you live in a whole new world – a world made of just two people, you and the person you are in love with. And, that is exactly the reason why it hurts like hell when you fail in love, you are suddenly left all alone and there is no one who can console you. When you finally come out of this dream world, you realize that all along you have been played and cheated by none other than your own self.

This is not the usual cinematic review or an objective analysis of the movie but rather a subjective analysis. A self-analysis post watching VTV. This review deals with the masochistic emotions which have been instigated in me after watching VTV.

The eternal question in this movie is “Of all the girls in the world why did I have to fall in love with Jessi? “. Like all eternal questions, this remains unanswered. Perhaps love is the most perfect subject for posing eternal questions because the whole concept of love in itself is unexplainable. The basic definition of love changes from person to person but the feeling that humans get when they fail in love is pretty much the same. But where they differ again is the way they deal with the failure.

The movie makes us question a lot of things. Why do we cling on to every little remnant of a failed love affair even after we move on, even after every thing is different and nothing about that love affair is relevant anymore. Why? Is it the yearning of the mind to relive those lovely days again? No one can say for sure. There is a reason why I call VTV a therapeutic experience. The climax is an example of what could have been for so many of us. Of late, we have seen many over–the-top movies which show the protagonist having a psychotic breakdown or developing suicidal impulses after love failure. But this is where VTV stands out. It shows that failure in love does not mean the end of life. This film shows the ideal way of dealing with a failed affair.

Any  person who fails in love would be at the most crucial crossroads of his life. He would have two choices-either to keep obsessing over the past and about what could have been if things hadn’t gone awry or to get on with his life and career and achieve what he had initially set out to do and  keep  the beautiful times he had with his loved one as cherished memories. This film helps people make that decision. After all the pain that the love has given you, you may ask yourself if it was worth all the pain. That’s where VTV is healing in nature. The movie says that love may have been a draining experience, may have come at a high cost and you may still be paying for it, but life would have been poorer without love. The movie shows the two protagonists making two different choices and tells us that life is all about making the right choice. Yet the last few moments of the movie still make us believe that it was worth it after all–“Intha vali enaku pidichuruku”. So whether VTV is a healing experience or a hurtful one is in itself an eternal question!

The reason why people could connect with the movie was that nothing in the movie seemed made up. Right from the emotions of the actors, the dialogue, the frustration, the pain and the music, everything seems so natural, soulful and from the heart. The director has effortlessly painted the blues of modern romance on a commercial canvas.

Simbu’s performance has so much reality in it. He has beautifully essayed the role of  Karthik and shows maturity, restraint, honesty and most importantly the pain of the protagonist so well. Trisha fits the role of an indecisive girl, who does not know for sure what she wants so perfectly. Takes guts to play a role knowing there will be a lot of wrath against her. Gautham Menon proves his caliber once again. He has extracted aesthetic performances from all actors. He has shown in this film a love story need not be over the top to be hard hitting. This movie has something in it which goes deep inside your soul and sinks it in pain. Maybe it is because the movie reflects reality as it is.

The music by Oscar Indian A.R.Rahman is at it’s melodious and haunting best- especially Hosana, aaromale and Mannipaaya .The BGM in the climactic park bench scene deserves special mention. I am reminded of this sequence from the movie Fountainhead where Gail Wynand asks Dominique Francon “Was the building as beautiful as the statue?” to which Dominique answers, “the statue was almost worthy of being in the building”. In VTV, I am unable to decide this: between the film and the music, which is the building and which is the statue.

I truly hope that Gautham Menon keeps shelling out gems like these in the years to come.


VTV is a waste of time for those who think love is a waste of time.

It is a Candy floss romance flick for those who have not fallen in love.

It is a beautiful love story for those who are lucky in love.

It is a painful trip down the dreary memory lane and a chance to reminisce for those who have failed in love.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya – “ONE WAY TICKET TO HEART-BREAK CITY”.

10 thoughts on “விண்ணைத்தாண்டி வருவாயா

  1. Appreciate your thoughts to drive your post more on your personal views rather than a offline commentary of the movie, job good done & well written. Cheers! Keep going, will stick to your posts! And to add, I didn’t find a chance to see this movie, but will surely be before the screen as the week ends!

  2. Kudos! VTV is yet another movie which stood to protray true romance. Your reviews on it is profound and clearly shows you are a movie-buff (me too!). I enjoyed the article and appreciate your passion for movies. Looking forward for more.!

  3. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m certainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll
    be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  4. @Brigitte– Thanks for following mate. If you have time join the social networking site called Letterboxd. It is a heaven for movie fans.

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