Love is something peculiar. You think you have felt it. You think you know what it is. But when you experience it you would have the feeling that it is something entirely new and never in your wildest dreams you could have thought the magical things that love could do to you.

Finding the love of your life is the canvas on which Mr.Clint Eastwood has painted this beautiful picture. The film stars Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Streep received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in 1996 for her performance in the film.They both transport the viewer to theIowa countryside of the 1960’s.

 Love does not require time to establish. Maybe it does in some cases, but the most beautiful ones are those which happen in a minute or in a day. I do feel that way at least about on-screen romances. Titanic is one example which immediately comes to my mind. Here in BOMC Robert Kincaid wanders into the life of Francesca Johnson, who is a middle-aged housewife living in a faraway Iowa farmhouse. The time span for this kind of a story to unfold and make the audience believe and get emotionally moved by the characters is small. The entire episode between Robert and Francesca happens within four days. But that is love. Ain’t it ? You are in search for it your whole life and when you happen to meet the person whom you think is made for you, you don’t need much time to pounce on the opportunity.

But that is where the catch lies. Francesca is already married and has two kids. She has made a lot of sacrifices in her career as well as in her personal life, but all said she does love her husband and can never leave. Robert on the other hand is adventurous and has not had an everlasting love for any person in his life. But he says to Francesca that this is it. He asks her whether she thinks that this, what he has with her is just another fling, whether this happens every other day to any random person that they happen to meet. He says that something like comes only once in a lifetime. That piece of conversation where Robert and Francesca decide on which is the right thing to do is truly delightful.

Letting it go just as passes by would be the worst thing to do, but to leave her family would be an unpardonable sin. The dilemma the main characters face is very intriguing indeed. Meryl Streep as a middle-aged unsatisfactory house-wife just steals the show. She expresses the pain she endures when having to make the most difficult choice of her life, in a very subtle way. Her accent in the movie definitely deserves a special mention.When you close your eyes for a moment and hear Francesca speaking you will think that it is some hardcore Italian speaking.

The cinematography for this movie by Jack.N.Green is very soothing to the eye. It beautifully brings out the calm feel of the exterior to complement the torment inside the minds of the characters. The sidetrack involving the grown up children of Francesca is also very interesting. The story goes from the children hating their mother for her affair to the point where they understand the nature and the magnitude of love they had for each other. Eventually they appreciate the decision they took and begin to gather how difficult it would have been for them.

The film ends on a poetic note with the scattering of the ashes of Francesca into the Roseman Bridge where the remains of Robert have also been scattered. As an epilog, we are shown that the children are more in love with their families and try to set right the estrangement in their lives after experiencing such an intense and true love story.

Verdict: Watch it. This movie would not fail to bridge an emotional bond with you.

Watch the trailer here.

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