Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Back with a great movie for cult classic lovers. One thing that comes to my mind when i start to write this post is the person who turned my interest towards a different genre of movies. The KUBRICK genre !! With only a handful of movies he made for us, still Stanley Kubrick remains one … Continue reading Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Der Untergang (Downfall) 2004

Another day. Another Movie. It's no wonder how i can catch some great film, soon after sharing my thoughts about another great film here. Its weekend and i managed to see three movies at my home. However, now am gonna present you only one among them. And it is the best among them. My goodness ! … Continue reading Der Untergang (Downfall) 2004

Les Diaboliques (1955) [The Devils]

At the end of another crappy monotonous day, I thought I should a watch a movie to relax myself before i go to bed. And what I picked was a honor to horror !!!  Les Diaboliques, one of my friend's suggestion was indeed a cool horror movie. It is a french movie directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot  with  Simone Signoret (Nicole Horner), Véra Clouzot (Christina Delassalle) … Continue reading Les Diaboliques (1955) [The Devils]